Graphenstone is delighted to announce Betsy Smith as our new colour consultant who will be responsible for colour curation and direction for the world's most certified eco paint brand.


For 25 years, Betsy Smith worked with Sir Terence Conran, as head of visual display at The Conran Shop and was responsible for all its iconic windows. More recently, working as an interior stylist, Betsy has hands-on experience translating colour into a diverse range of commercial, retail and residential spaces.


With a background in fine art, Betsy works intuitively, exploring playful and innovative ways to combine and contrast colour, to deliver a sophisticated viewpoint and enriched experience.


"Colour has the power to transform environments. Architecturally, it can change the scale of rooms, accentuate the best features, create a focal point for the eye to rest and disguise the awkward and unsightly. It brings harmony and cohesion to disjointed elements, instilling a more peaceful spirit. It adds soul and personality, drama and theatre. It can change our mood and emotions, soothe us, provide clarity to think clearly, be thought-provoking, and provide elements of surprise and joy. To create a balance of these elements in an interior, using Graphenstone's air cleaning paints that are free from all nasties, is a recipe for an enriched life, wellness and happiness." Betsy Smith, colour consultant, Graphenstone