Einstein; ‘Everything should be as simple as possible, but no simpler.’

“…as simple as possible, but no simpler” suggested Einstein. The “no simpler” element for Graphenstone, is the addition of pure inert carbon based ‘graphene’. Why is this needed in our paints?


The graphene serves to make the paints stronger and more durable. Minerals tend to be brittle, so the graphene provides structural support at the molecular level, with the graphene weaved throughout the paints. As a result, they perform to Class 1 strength, like an acrylic, based on the ‘wet scrub test’ data, which provides an accelerated method for determining the wear resistance of surface coatings and materials.


Graphenstone’s range has been designed around the use of healthy natural materials, vegetable resins and minerals, with the added benefit of graphene technology. No more, no less. VOC levels of less than 0.1%, which in effect, is the lowest possible VOC profile of any paints system.