Graphenstone paints saves about 2Kg of Co2 per litre, in production

Solingesa have certified Graphenstone paints with an embedded carbon value of 0.5Kg CO2e.


In the case of our pure lime ranges, due to the reabsorption of CO2 in the curing process (around 5.5Kg per 15 litre pot of Biosphere exterior lime paint, for example), it's estimated that this figure of 0.5Kg CO2e is reduced to just 0.13Kg CO2e.


Many paint companies do not or can not declare this sort of information and the total carbon footprint when divided by the total industrial paint production output shows nearly 15 kg of CO2e emissions occur, on every tin of the paint produced. ((source: Calculation and Estimation of the Carbon Footprint of Paint Industry – Samia Saif, Anum Feroz et al 2014))


One UK market leader has shown its CO2e as 13.58kg per 5L tin – that is 2.72kg/L ((source Newlife Paints/BCF)) - more than 5 times that of Graphenstone.


Why is this certification important?

  • It independently verifies the accuracy of data and Graphenstone’s carbon footprint.
  • It helps us understand the level of emissions needed to reduce and/or offset in or to become ‘carbon neutral’
  • It will reassure internal and external stakeholders that the carbon footprint of Graphenstone as an organization is accurate, complete and compliant with the major GHG reporting standards.
  • Transparency of our carbon footprint calculations offers real integrity.