Graphenstone Paints: Nanotechnology’s role in revolutionising natural building materials

As high-end designers working on substantial projects, we are painfully aware of the darker side of the construction industry – waste and harmful materials. It is this awareness that drives us to champion better practices and ensure that the materials used in the homes we design have a positive impact on you and the environment.
Many synthetic indoor materials like adhesives, plastics and acrylics all emit high levels of petrochemicals, carbon dioxide and carcinogenic Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Take paints, for example; they make up the second-largest emitter of VOCs after cars themselves. As paints only emit half of their VOCs in the first year, they can have a long-lasting impact on the spaces.
Are there no alternatives to traditional paints? Thankfully, there is. We have collaborated with Graphenstone, (a natural paints company which fuses graphene nanotechnology with natural-like and silicate) to discuss the common misconceptions around traditional acrylic paints and what healthier alternatives are available to you. Read more