Graphene paint technology

Graphene technology for durability

Durable paints, 100% natural

Strength meets sustainability with graphene-based non-toxic, harm-free paint. 

Passionate about quality products that don't harm the environment or personal health, Graphenstone developed lime and graphene-based ecological paint that is sustainable, and just as important, durable. 

Introducing graphene to the paints, Graphenstone has been able to enhance the properties of the paint, improving resistance, flexibility and conductivity. Thanks to their flexibility -- up to 20% without damage --, Graphenstone paints do not crack or flake. They are 200x stronger than structural steel and are 1000 times better at conducting electrical current density than copper. What's more, its reflective power makes it energy-saving, and its mineral character reduces the reverberance of sound. 

Premium performance graphene paint

Premium performance makes graphene-based paints a staple product in the eco-conscious building sector. Environmentally friendly building methods, such as the carbon-neutral Passive Haus method, use graphene-based non-toxic paint to meet their ecological standards.   

Not just strong, Graphenstone paints are also breathable and CO2 absorbing, limiting the ability for mould, fungi and other harmful bacteria to grow. Air purification properties and sturdy, high-performance with low emissions make graphene-based natural paints a product for the green generation. 

Powerful results inside and out.

Graphene paint - where to find out more

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The Graphene Company, the exclusive UK distributor of the Graphenstone range of paints and materials, are now using high-tech machinery at the new facility to automate tinting and mixing of the ultra-sustainable mineral based paints system.


John Thorogood, Head of Sales, explains how Graphenstone is different to other paints