Graphenstone Filler - regulates surface texture & covers small cracks

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Filler - Regulates surface texture and covers small cracks

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Natural mineral primer paint for interior/exterior use

  • White Textured Primer – To regulate smooth and rough surfaces
  • Natural – Natural mineral primer        
  • Covers Small Cracks – Minor cracks of 1mm can be covered
  • Interior/Exterior – Can be used both inside and outside
  • Breathable – Allows the substrate underneath to breathe

Graphenstone Filler is a textured natural mineral primer for use under Graphenstone® paints. It allows regulating the texture of the substrate, to cover micro-cracks (less than 1 mm) and to homogenize repaired or scraped surfaces of old paint.

Coverage: 7 m²/L (1 coat)


    The Graphene Company, the exclusive UK distributor of the Graphenstone range of paints and materials, are now using high-tech machinery at the new facility to automate tinting and mixing of the ultra-sustainable mineral based paints system.


    Graphenstone is the world ́s first manufacturer of paints, adhesives, sizes, facings and insulators using graphene technology. Development, design and marketing of paints, adhesives, and graphene insulations.