Nevada Ultra White - Economical eco friendly trade paint

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Nevada Ultra White - The ultimate economical eco-friendly trade paint, perfect for ceilings and as 1st coats on new plasters

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Low-cost natural eco-emulsion for interior walls & ceilings.

  • Low Sheen - Flat matt finish
  • Excellent Coverage - 2 coat system onto most surfaces
  • Washable - For low traffic areas
  • Natural emulsion - Smooth, easy application
  • Odourless – Virtually no smell
  • Healthy – Free of MIT and harmful toxins; Trace VOCs only (under 0.1%)
  • Breathable - Reduces condensation and allows walls to breathe
  • Strengthened with graphene.

Nevada Ultra Interior white is an MIT free, Trace VOCs only (under 0.1%), contract matt eco - paint. Perfect for interior application onto ceilings or walls in lower traffic areas where an economical finish is required, or for use onto new plasters as a mist coat under other Graphenstone paint systems. Coverage: up to 16m²/L.

Sustainability Credentials

  • A+ French Emissions

Nevada Ultra Interior White Sustainability Credentials


The Graphene Company, the exclusive UK distributor of the Graphenstone range of paints and materials, are now using high-tech machinery at the new facility to automate tinting and mixing of the ultra-sustainable mineral based paints system.


Graphenstone is the world ́s first manufacturer of paints, adhesives, sizes, facings and insulators using graphene technology. Development, design and marketing of paints, adhesives, and graphene insulations.