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Customer Testimonials

customer testimonials

What do our customers think? Some recent comments;


“It’s a lovely paint to work with. We had a decorator do the initial coats and he said it was the best coverage of any paint he had used before”
– Melissa Ritchie, Little Terraced House


“The paint was a dream to use and the colour match was perfect. My Dad who’s been painting for 45 years was very impressed!”
“The paint is lovely- we’re very happy with it – especially the colour matches and finish. Mist is particularly gorgeous in our living room. My dad liked working with it too and he’s used a lot of different paints at home and in work -customer testimonials. We watered it down 10% so probably got 4.5 lt from each tin, probably could have made it go even further. We haven’t run out of paint as the coverage is excellent. The downstairs is looking fab now.”
– Kerry Fox


“100% delighted with Graphenstone paint. It’s done everything we wanted a paint to do and more”
“I’m painting new plastered walls and old painted walls and recently painted walls and I’m very impressed with the paint. It has amazing coverage capabilities. I find it dries evenly and quickly. When second coat is applied the final finish is amazing.”
– Richard Gibbon


“Overall, really, really impressed with the product, really good to use, finish is awesome and obviously it has a great many benefits to buildings and the environment! (The customer service from you guys has been pretty 5 star also!)”
– Kyle Edwards


“This weekend, we finished painting two floors of a health clinic in Graphenstone because of its unique health benefits, high pH kills viruses, mould free etc, perfect for clients with compromised immune systems, CO2 absorbing, heavenly for health and authentically sustainable. We painted walls, doors, ceilings, skirting, cupboards, stair spindles and I could literally smell the freshness compared to synthetic off-gassing paint. So smart, even saves on emissions by requiring dilution on site -customer testimonials. You won’t choose anything else once you work with this planet positive paint!”
– Chaline Church


“I also recommend Graphenstone Paints over any other paint available on the high street. I don’t believe it has the cult following others do and it bloody well should do as I believe it is a million times better. The coverage us amazing, the depth of colour is immense and it’s brilliant for your home environment! It sucks in CO2 from your home’s atmosphere and makes is a much healthier place to live. What is not to love?!”
– No.18 Renovation


“As an interior designer it is incredibly important to me that I incorporate as many ecologically sound choices into my designs as possible. I have found that using Graphenstone paints enables me to offer my clients an extremely environmentally friendly product that delivers both on cost and finish. There is a wide colour choice and should I require a bespoke colour this is provided quickly and easily. The team are great to deal with, always friendly and efficient, my orders always arrive within 1 or 2 days. My latest project is a medical clinic so it is important that the environment inside the building is one that promotes health and wellbeing. Graphenstone paints are an obvious choice both because I know the finish will look good and be hard wearing but it will also help to maintain excellent air quality and reduce CO2. Graphenstone has become my first choice paint product on all of my projects and I look forward to continuing our relationship into the future.”
– Yvonne Parker, Interior Designer


“Just to let you know that the Graphenstone paint at The Grange looks wonderful. The red has a wonderful luminosity to it and the rest of the paints really fit the Georgian rooms and the orangery as well as the more modern annex building.”
– Yasmin Shariff, Dennis Sharp Architects


“We painted using the Graphenstone Mid-Shine paint system. Customer very pleased with the end result.”
– Emma Pask, Rococo Painters Ltd


“I wanted to give you some feedback now that we’re nearing completion on our house and complement you on the Graphenstone paints we used.​ If you recall the house was built in the 18th century and is listed as Grade 2*, it is fairly large and we have completely restored it.​ The paints are ideal for a sensitive restoration like this, allowing the walls to breath. The contractors also really enjoyed using the paint and volunteered that it was easy to work with and very effective in covering and adhering to the walls. Even our young kids enjoyed painting their rooms(!) and your recommendation that we use Graphclean has made the walls in those kid-zones much easier to keep clean! The colours are deep and rich and we are delighted with the overall quality and finish in the rooms -customer testimonials.​ ​ Many thanks for all your advice over recent months; your team have been really helpful with great and prompt service. We would (and will) highly recommend your products and services to others.”
– John Benson


“Very pleased with the paints so far. The coverage is excellent. They go on really well and obviously no VOC’s make for a much more pleasant decorating experience.”
– Julia Monk


“I finished the painting a couple of weeks ago now and I have to say it was a very pleasant experience. It was easy to work with and clean up after and the paint went on beautifully and evenly. I was amazed that it had no real smell to it at all. I was working outside, but for future interior works that’s a great feature. All in all a really great product.”
– Kevin Massie


“The grumpy growly Yorkshire Decorator is very impressed with the paints. Strange that? Hee hee, Just thought you would like to know…”
– Janet Clove


“We promptly received the primer today and tried it on some walls before the plumber attaches radiators tomorrow (we will continue with the Ecosphere with special rollers for painting behind radiators later). I thought I’d let you know that it worked perfectly over a dark taupe colour, it was very easy and neat to apply. An hour later we checked the air quality with a Dyson air purifier and it was ‘Good ✅’ which we are very happy about (checking after a different brand it showed as ‘Poor’. ​ ​ So it’s a win – win!”
– Mariana Periklis


“Ordered 2 x 4L Antique Rose I know I’ll be pleased with it as I’ve already painted my son’s room Prussian blue and another with Chateau. Excellent quality!”
– Luisa Lombardo


“I would like John Thorogood to be recognised for the outstanding level of customer service he has provided. I am currently an Auro customer, however I came across Graphenstone and had many questions about your products which I needed answering before I decided whether to switch brands. I can honestly say John went above and beyond to answer all my questions and provide me with all the information I requested. The standard of customer service he has provided is up there with the best I have ever received. I would like to thank John for taking the time to assist me. He has certainly made a great first impression of your company and the standard of service and products you provide.”
– Sharon Bradshaw


“The paint is amazing! I can’t believe the coverage and it goes on so beautifully. The colour looks gorgeous. Thank you so much – I’m so impressed with the paint.”
– Emily, Beach Hall Road, London

customer testimonials


Please read any references to “low” or “zero VOCs” as “Trace VOCs, less than 1g per litre (or 0.1%), naturally occurring. We are in the process of updating this detail across the site.

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