Welcome to Graphenstone

Graphenstone was founded in 2013, with the objective of innovating new ecological, natural and sustainable paints, with unrivalled durability. Six years later, we are the leading innovator of natural coatings, sold in over 45 countries worldwide.

At the core of our success is the unique fusion of graphene nanotechnology with natural and healthy building materials like limestone and silicate that have been used for millennia. The ‘super-material’ graphene was discovered at the University of Manchester in 2004, its two discoverers winning the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2010 due to its remarkable physical properties. It’s officially the most durable material known to science at 200 times that of structural steel. It’s also a two-dimensional material at just one atom thick, meaning it’s remarkably flexible and elastic. The graphene infusion provides Graphenstone paints with qualities never seen before in natural paints: Class 1 strength, elastic coverage, washability, and thermal conductivity. No more powdery finish. The result is a paint system with a unique profile: 100% natural, ecological, sustainable, and healthy, but with Class 1 strength and durability for the first time in history.

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