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Air-purifying, Sustainable & Ecological Paints

  • Rich Beautiful Colours

    Natural minerals and vegetable resins reinforced with carbon graphene for strength and durability
  • Eco-friendly

    Awarded Cradle to Cradle Institute Gold, EPD's, Ecolabel, Eurofins Indoor Air Quality Gold, Green Tag and many others!
  • Easy to use

    Fantastic coverage, dries super quick, no cracking, order today paint tomorrow
Air Purifying Health
Absorbing toxins, such as CO2, Sulphur Oxide, Nitrus Oxide and Formaldehyde, our paint actively purifies the air in your home or office, the opposite of conventional plastic and acrylic based paint systems.
Graphenstone VOC’s are less than 0.1%! That’s under just 1 gram per litre. You cannot get lower or healthier.
Ecological & Sustainable
Certified Gold and Silver by 'Cradle to Cradle Institute' amongst many other awards, Graphenstone offer probably the most certified ‘harm-free’ paints in the world.
Traditional natural ingredients
Nature’s healthy minerals such as lime, chalk, clay, silicate and vegetable resins ensure protection for both our precious environment and your health.
No chemical preservatives
No toxins, no nasties, just nature at work.
Durable Graphene technology
Nobel prize winning carbon ‘Graphene' technology ensures Class 1 strength and fantastic longevity for all our uniquely advanced natural paints.
Free of plastic
All our paints are manufactured without the use of any petro-chemical or plastic ingredients.
Captures CO2 & Breathable!
Lime reabsorbs CO2 and other toxins as it cures from Calcium Hydroxide back to Calcium Carbonate, after application, as the paint dries and sets on your walls. Healthy, air-purifying and unique to lime based paints. Highly breathable too.
VOC & MIT free as can be!
Graphenstone paints have naturally occurring VOC levels of less than 0.01%/L or less than 1g/L in their natural mineral bases. From 2020, Graphenstone paints are also preservative-free, one of the first paint companies in the world to achieve this.
Nursery & Toy safe
Ecosphere and Grafclean Premium are certified Toy Safe with the Standard UNE-EN 71-3.2013 + A3:2018 - TOY SAFETY. Safe for all the family.
The Sunday Times
"The eco-paint company Graphenstone makes natural mineral paint that actively cleans the air, in more than 1,000 colours"
De Zeen
"...the most environmentally friendly paint in the world"
Ad Pro
"This Paint Could Change the Face of Sustainable Design"
Grand Design
"Get the perfect colour and great coverage, while safeguarding your health and the planet"
Green Matters
"Another major benefit is the ability to clean the air, doing a complete 180 on traditional paints"


    Patrick describes why Graphenstone is such a unique and sustainable paints solution, for the 21st Century.

    The Graphene Company, the exclusive UK distributor of the Graphenstone range of paints and materials, are now using high-tech machinery at the new facility to automate tinting and mixing of the ultra-sustainable mineral based paints system.

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