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Plastic free paint - trace VOCs only (less than 0.1%), toxin-free


Beautiful paint, free of plastic and other harmful toxins (trace VOCs only – under 0.1%).

No crude oil derivatives, microbeads or any other nasties at all. Just natural, healthy ingredients, independently certified by the most revered ‘harm-free’ product evaluations agencies in the world.

Graphenstone’s plastic free and preservative free paints are all natural, vegan paints that let you design stunning spaces without compromising on your health and the environment.

Made with mineral elements, including lime and graphene (from pure inert carbon), Graphenstone paints are an all-natural paint solution that gives durable results, delivering modern performance without compromise.

Trace VOCs only (under 0.1%)

During their application and drying process, many synthetic paints give off high levels of VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and formaldehyde, which are carcinogenic substances that pose serious risks to personal health and negative environmental effects. Moreover, synthetic paints often lack breathability, creating a perfect breeding ground for condensation, mould and other bacterial growths, known to be harmful to health.

Graphenstone offers product ranges based on lime, the King of healthy paint materials. It’s highly breathable and with a high pH, it actively prevents mould, fungi and other health-harming bacteria. We then add strength to the breathable paint via our fusion with graphene, a 21st Century Nobel Prize winning technology, making it more durable and offering Class 1 ‘wet-rub’ strength.

Graphenstone clean-tech paints are designed for a green generation. Paint Different!

Plastic free paint – where to find out more

See our range of plastic free, internal colour paint here.


Please read any references to “low” or “zero VOCs” as “Trace VOCs, less than 1g per litre (or 0.1%), naturally occurring. We are in the process of updating this detail across the site.

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