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Anti-mould paint

Many paints within the Graphenstone range have profound anti-mould and anti-bacterial properties, making them the ideal choice for damp prone areas that require an anti-condensation paint. These paints include Ecosphere, Biosphere, GCS Interior, GCS Exterior, GrafClean and AmbientPro+, due to lime forming a significant portion of the paints’ bases. Lime is the raw material at the core of the Graphenstone range. We use lime made using the traditional mid-nineteenth century method of wood-burning kilns, which produces unmatched whiteness and purity. This lime cycle is 100% sustainable, producing a natural paint base with unique anti-mould and anti-bacterial properties. Lime is highly alkaline with a natural pH of 12, ensuring that bacteria find it near impossible to grow and flourish on the surface of our paints. Graphenstone paints are therefore naturally proofed to fungal growth, mould and bacteria – even insects won’t land on our paints. Consequently, in areas of your house that suffer from mildew, damp or moisture, where you so often see mould growth and fungal growth, simply using the Graphenstone paint range is an easy care, mould-resistant, anti-condensation solution. The perfect anti-mould bathroom paint.

Why choose Graphenstone anti-mould paint?

There are plenty of anti-mould paints on the market, so what sets the Graphenstone range apart? Traditional anti fungal paints use a number of synthetic anti-bacterial additives to prevent the growth of mould. These synthetic additives are high in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), petrochemicals and formaldehyde, making traditional anti fungal paints as dangerous for your health as mould and fungus itself – many of the damaging health effects they can cause are the same as those caused by toxic mould exposure. The remarkable and outstanding characteristic of Graphenstone paints that sets them apart from the rest of the market, is that the anti mould effects are a purely natural advantage of using natural building materials – no damaging additives. Lime is a 100% natural and completely non-toxic material with trace VOCs only (under 0.1%), petrochemicals or plastics. It is an abundant, sustainable and renewable natural resource, with profound anti mould properties without the need for synthetic additives.

So if lime is such an exceptional base for paint, why is it lime paints haven’t been more commercially successful to date? After all, lime paints are nothing new, they’ve been used for millennia. Essentially it is because they are brittle – lime paints tend to crumble and crack, leaving a powdery residue on anything that touches them. If you paint a sheet of paper in a pure lime paint and scrunch that piece of paper up over your desk, your desk will simply be covered in dust. However, paint a sheet of paper in Graphenstone (also pure lime), you can scrunch that sheet of paper up, fold it, roll it – absolutely no dust. This is because our paints are infused with the pure carbon nanotechnology graphene – super strong, super flexible. This brings strength and durability to natural, mineral paints, strength and durability that traditionally has been lacking. This has caused us to look to synthetic alternatives instead, despite the profound advantages of their natural competitors. But no longer. For the first time in history, the Graphenstone innovation allows us to make the most of the anti mould advantages of lime, without worrying about durability.

The result is a paint system with a completely unique profile, that really ticks all the boxes. The Class 1 strength provided by the graphene infusion ensures the paints have unmatched durability, and can easily be wiped down and cleaned, unlike other natural paints. The anti mould properties provided by the lime base ensure our paints are the perfect anti-condensation choice for easy care bathrooms and damp areas.


The Graphenstone anti-mould range is available in a fantastic variety of colours. For pure whites choose Ecosphere or Biosphere for interiors/exteriors respectively, to be delivered via next day delivery. For our colour paints, choose one of our 72 house colours for 2-3 days delivery, or get in touch with us directly to order from the wider NCS 980/322.

Surface preparation for Graphenstone anti-mould paint

Graphenstone offers an comprehensive range of high-quality primers, allowing our exterior paints to be applied on all classic substrates in construction, including mortar, brick, concrete and old paints, and similarly our interior paints to work on all classic interior substrates, including plaster, gypsum, old paints, prefabricated plates, unpainted wallpaper, bare brick etc. The substrate itself must be dry, firm, well-adhered and free from any impurities that may hinder the product from setting fully. If the substrate presents algae, mould, fungi or other impurities, it is recommended to do a thorough cleaning, eliminating in its entirety and with specific products for this purpose.

If the substrate has salt deposits, brush and apply Neutralysal Premium. If the substrate contains a high moisture level, apply StopWater Premium diluted 1:1 with water and leave to dry for 24 hours.

If the substrate presents surface cracks, apply Füllmasse Premium for 1-3mm cracks, or Naturglue Premium for cracks 3-10mm. If the substrate presents deterioration of mortar, first remove areas that do not adhere by scraping or pricking and clean up by brushing or plenty of water. Apply Ecoputty Premium for damage of less than 3mm depth, for 3-8mm apply Naturglue Premium with a mesh, and for 8-20mm apply MortarBase Premium and finish with MortarFine Premium.

How to apply Graphenstone anti-mould paint

Please note our mould resistant paints come undiluted. This ensures our pot weights remain low and thus our shipping footprint is as environmentally friendly as possible. Before use, be sure to dilute our paints with 10-15% water according to the labelled instructions, and stir (excluding our 100ml sample pots). Our paints may be rolled, brushed or sprayed according to requirements.


For other questions, please refer to the downloadable Technical Data Sheets for the product you are interested in, visit our FAQs section or email


Please read any references to “low” or “zero VOCs” as “Trace VOCs, less than 1g per litre (or 0.1%), naturally occurring. We are in the process of updating this detail across the site.

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