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Bathroom paint

If you’re looking for paints to tackle the difficult environment of bathrooms, then look no further than the Graphenstone range. Naturally, when it comes to painting, bathrooms tend to be the most difficult room in the house to get right due to to the abundance of condensation and damp. The volume of moisture bathrooms have to deal with, both from steam and splash, results in two frustrating consequences: paint peeling and mould. At Graphenstone, we use natural minerals for the base of all our paints, which are not only fantastic for your health and the environment, but also are naturally proofed to deal with problems such as peeling and mould. The minerals lime and silicate are the raw materials at the core of the Graphenstone range. We use only the highest quality lime and silicate, extracted using traditional methods to ensure the purity and cleanliness of our products. Both are 100% natural and sustainable, and offer natural solutions to the problems so often faced by households nationwide.
So why is it that ordinary paints peel? The trade paints most often used in houses across the country are acrylic paints, containing a plastic resin which gives them their smooth finish. Not only are these paints are terrible for both the environment and your health, but they’re also awful at dealing with issues like damp. Because they’re made of acrylic, you’re essentially painting a plastic film on your wall which is of course waterproof, sealing in moisture. In areas like bathrooms where there is an abundance of steam, that moisture finds its way behind the paint, attempts to evaporate, and pushed the paint away from the wall. That’s why you so often see paints ‘bubble up’ and start peeling away from the wall. Conversely, Graphenstone paints contain no plastics, acrylics or petrochemicals. Rather, they’re made from the 100% natural minerals lime and silicate. These minerals are breathable, porous materials, meaning moisture can simply pass straight through them. When using Graphenstone paints, if you ever have condensation or a damp corner to your room, that moisture will simply pass through our paints and evaporate off into the room – no more bubbling, no more peeling!
Why is it that mould grows so easily on ordinary paint? Once again, it comes down to the artificial paint base common across all the standard trade paints – acrylic. Plastics, and therefore acrylic paints, have a neutral pH of around 8 – they’re neither acidic nor alkaline. Neutral pH surface like this present the perfect environment for mould and fungus to grow, which is why you so often see those dark spots of mould in the corners of bathrooms and kitchens. Steam, splash and condensation find their way into these corners, moistening the neutral pH paint surfaces, essentially providing food for the growth of all that mould that is so damaging to your health. However, the Graphenstone range is naturally proofed to fungal growth and mould, providing a simple, easy care, anti-mould solution for your bathrooms. The core base of the Graphenstone range is lime which is highly alkaline with a pH of 12. This means our paints have profound anti-bacterial and anti-mould properties, as they find it near impossible to grow and flourish on the surface – even insects won’t land on our paints. Consequently, in those rooms that suffer from mildew, damp or moisture such as bathrooms, use Graphenstone bathroom paints for an easy care, mould-resistant, anti condensation solution. The perfect bathroom paint.

Why choose Graphenstone bathroom paints?

There are plenty of other paint solutions out there for your bathroom needs, so what sets the Graphenstone range apart? Above all, it’s the fact that the Graphenstone solution is founded in nature, making it a healthier and more ecological solution. Take traditional anti fungal paints for example: they use a number of synthetic anti-bacterial additives to prevent the growth of mould and fungus. These additives include solvents and chemicals which are as damaging to human health as the mould they seek to protect you from, due to the remarkably high VOC content, the principal cause of lung cancer and other respiratory health problems. The anti fungal properties of the Graphenstone range are purely a natural advantage of lime, a 100% natural material with trace VOCs only (under 0.1%), petrochemicals or formaldehyde. Our range is therefore a sustainable and renewable solution to the problems faced by houses across the nation.

Graphenstone bathroom paint colours

Traditionally, natural paints have offered a poor colour range when compared to their acrylic competitors – many of our natural competitors offer less than 100 shades. This presents a huge problem for customers, as they don’t have the freedom to create the beautiful matt emulsion finish to match the colour palette of their bathroom tiles, shower curtains and general decor. This can really throw a spanner in the works of your dream bathroom painting project, making the majority of natural paints simply unviable. Here at Graphenstone we’ve refused to follow this trend, offering our bathroom paints in an incredible range of 980 colours according the Natural Colour System (NCS). We have a core range of 72 house colours which can be delivered in 2-3 days. Alternatively, get in touch with us directly to order from the wider NCS 980, or request a bespoke colour. Our white paints, along with primers, are delivered by Next Day Delivery.

Surface preparation for Graphenstone anti-mould paints

Graphenstone offers an comprehensive range of high-quality primers, allowing our exterior paints to be applied on all classic substrates in construction, including mortar, brick, concrete and old paints, and similarly our interior paints to work on all classic interior substrates, including plaster, gypsum, old paints, prefabricated plates, unpainted wallpaper, bare brick etc. The substrate itself must be dry, firm, well-adhered and free from any impurities that may hinder the product from setting fully. If the substrate presents algae, mould, fungi or other impurities, it is recommended to do a thorough cleaning, eliminating in its entirety and with specific products for this purpose.
If the substrate has salt deposits, brush and apply Neutralysal Premium. If the substrate contains a high moisture level, apply StopWater Premium diluted 1:1 with water and leave to dry for 24 hours.
If the substrate presents surface cracks, apply Füllmasse Premium for 1-3mm cracks, or Naturglue Premium for cracks 3-10mm. If the substrate presents deterioration of mortar, first remove areas that do not adhere by scraping or pricking and clean up by brushing or plenty of water. Apply Ecoputty Premium for damage of less than 3mm depth, for 3-8mm apply Naturglue Premium with a mesh, and for 8-20mm apply MortarBase Premium and finish with MortarFine Premium.

Application of Graphenstone anti-mould paints

Please note our bathroom paints come undiluted. This ensures our pot weights remain low and thus our shipping footprint is as environmentally friendly as possible. Before use, be sure to dilute our paints with 10-15% water according to the labelled instructions, and stir (excluding our 100ml sample pots). Our paints may be rolled, brushed or sprayed according to requirements.
In bathrooms, we would recommend the use of our GrafClean product.


For other questions, please refer to the downloadable Technical Data Sheets for the product you are interested in, visit our FAQs section, or email


Please read any references to “low” or “zero VOCs” as “Trace VOCs, less than 1g per litre (or 0.1%), naturally occurring. We are in the process of updating this detail across the site.

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