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Eco friendly kitchen cupboard paint

When you feel your kitchen needs a change of look, but you don’t want or need to replace your units and cabinets, painting the kitchen cupboards is a great way to give the space a fresh new appearance.

But choosing which colour paint to use to create your dream kitchen isn’t the only big decision you need to make. Because the type of paint you use on kitchen cupboards can have a big impact not only on how long your kitchen looks its best, but also on the health and well-being of your family and the environment.

The Problem With Traditional Kitchen Cupboard Paints

You can’t fault the colour ranges of traditional kitchen cupboard paint, but the ingredients that go into the tins leave a lot to be desired.

Unless your tin carries a Low or No VOC claim, you’re likely to be applying paint that contains toxic VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). This is a group of elements that contains harmful ingredients like benzyne and formaldehyde. Your paint could also contain lead, cadmium and chromium. And if you think those names sound scary, research has shown that their impact on your health could be even scarier.

VOCs are known to cause all kinds of health problems, including headaches, asthma attacks, kidney disease and cancer. And it’s not just during painting that they’re at their most dangerous. These paints can spread invisible harm around your house for years after they’ve been applied.

The Graphenstone Kitchen Cupboard Paint Alternative

Graphenstone is a paint range that will do more than give your kitchen cupboards a fresh new look. Because our paint is made from natural elements, so it has trace VOCs only (under 0.1%). Even better, it packs the power to actively absorb harmful CO2 from the atmosphere in the same way trees do. So, by coating your kitchen cupboards with Graphenstone non-toxic paint, you are improving the quality of the air people breathe when they’re in your kitchen.

The Graphene Difference

Graphenstone kitchen cupboard paint contains carbon nanotechnology graphene, the strongest material known to science. Including it in our paint range has earned our paints Class 1 Strength status, something no other paint has ever managed to do. It means when you paint your kitchen cupboards with it, you’ll be applying a paint that you know can handle the challenges and demands of everyday use, and still stay looking good. All while absorbing that CO2 you don’t want to breathe in.

Other benefits of Graphenstone kitchen cupboard paint include:

  • FLEXIBILITY – your wood, melamine or MDF kitchen cupboard doors will benefit from being coating in our flexible and elastic paint that will not crack or flake.
  • NON-TOXIC – of all the places in the house, the kitchen is probably the one room where you want the air to be clean. And Graphenstone Kitchen Paint will help keep it that way.
  • PAINT ON THE POWER OF A TREE – Just three pots of Graphenstone paint absorbs as much CO2 from the air as a 250kg tree manages in a year. And there aren’t many tins of paint out there that can claim that.

Why Graphenstone Kitchen Cupboard Paint Is Ideal For Your Kitchen

Any paint you apply to kitchen cupboard surfaces needs to be durable. After all the heat in the kitchen gets high during meal preparation time, and those cupboards are going to get used daily as people open and close them, reaching in for food and other items inside.

Graphenstone Kitchen Cupboard Paints are ready for the heavy use they’re going to get in your kitchen.

Eco-Friendly Paint That Stays Mould And Fungus Free

With all that food that needs to be stored and prepared in your kitchen, the last thing you want is mould or fungus growing on your cupboards. That can happen with traditional paints. But it can’t happen with Graphenstone. That’s  because Graphenstone is made from lime, so it’s naturally organic. As a result, no mould and no fungus can grow on it, ever. The same can’t be said for traditional cupboard paints.

Non-Toxic Paint That Handles The Heat Of The Kitchen

With ovens on the go, pans on the boil, tumble dryers on the spin, the temperature in your kitchen can quickly rise when you’re preparing your culinary delights or seeing to the family laundry. The resulting heat and steam is almost certainly going to deposit water particles on your kitchen cupboards. Overt time, traditional kitchen paints will trap this moisture and this can lead to bubbling and cracking under the surface of the paint. Not a good look for your kitchen cupboards. Graphenstone is different. Because it’s naturally made, it’s naturally breathable, letting any moisture escape when it needs to, leaving your cupboard paint looking as good as the day it was applied.

Cupboard Paint That’s Ideal For Trade Use

If you’re in the decorating and home improvement trade, you’ll know only too well the health effects of being exposed to the fumes given off by traditional paints. Now you can protect yourself and your clients by using Graphenstone non-toxic paints on kitchen cupboards and other household surfaces. No more headaches after a day’s work, and no need to wear face masks when applying the paint. And when you tell your customers about the amazing CO2-absorbing powers of Graphenstone, they can’t fail to be impressed.

Summary of Graphenstone Benefits

  • Contains naturally organic lime
  • Trace VOCs only (under 0.1%)
  • Free from Formaldehyde
  • Breathable
  • Ranks highly on the pH scale
  • Anti-mould
  • Anti-fungus
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Creates safer kitchen environments for everyone
  • Hardwearing to handle daily use

Graphenstone Paints For Kitchen Cupboards Are Recommended For Use In All Of The Following:

  • Domestic kitchens
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Kitchens in public places such as schools, hotels and hospitals
  • All cupboards outside the kitchen

The Graphenstone Kitchen Cupboard Paint Range

The following are the Graphenstone paints that are ideal for use with painting your kitchen cupboards:


Prepare your kitchen cupboards for painting in the best way possible with this eco-friendly primer. Ideal for surfaces exactly like kitchen cupboards, this undercoat with improve the adhesion of your Graphenstone paint, giving you better results.

Reasons To Use Four 2 Four Eco-Friendly Primer On Your Kitchen Cupboards:

  • Excellent undercoat in preparation for painting
  • The long-lasting durability you need for kitchens
  • Dries in just 30-60 minutes
  • Suitable for wooden, MDF and melamine surfaces
  • Graphene content makes it hardwearing
  • All the health and environmental benefits of the Graphenstone range

Buy Four2Four Primer


Eco-friendly anti-bacterial paint with graphene
With your Four2Four primer applied, Graf Clean will add an extra eco-friendly layer to your kitchen cupboards. Its anti-microbial properties are ideal for use in kitchens where food is stored and prepared, because it will prevent the development of all the following on cupboard surfaces:

Graf Clean is available in a broad colour range, so you are sure to find the shade the fits your plans for your new-look kitchen. To see the full colour range, check out this page here.

Once applied, each coat should be left for between 2 to 4 hours to dry, and when finished, leave the paint for a further 24 hours to fully dry before using your kitchen cupboards.


Non-toxic kitchen cupboard paint with Graphene

With all the health and environmental benefits of the Graphenstone paint range, Eggshell will give your kitchen cupboards a refined, eggshell surface finish that will add extra style and attractiveness to the appearance of your kitchen.

Eggshell is available in white and all the other colours you will find on the NCS 980 colour chart. To explore the full Graphenstone colour range, please click here.

Buy Eggshell

Preparing To Paint Kitchen Cupboards With Graphenstone Paint

You don’t need us telling you how messy kitchen can get. So before you dip any brush into a tin of Graphenstone paint, be sure to wipe clean and dry your kitchen cupboard doors, ensuring no particles or impurities are present which could affect the quality of the finish.

It is recommended that you apply Four2Four primer before any paint, to achieve the best results and the strongest adhesion of the top coat of paint.

If there are signs of moisture on any kitchen cupboard surfaces, it’s a good move to apply StopWater Premium. This should be diluted 1:1 with water.

How To Paint Kitchen Cupboards

Always shake your tin of Graphenstone paint well, before using. It is recommended that you apply 2 to 3 coats of Graphenstone paint to your kitchen cupboards, using a V-shape and starting at the edges. Once you have painted an area, do not paint over it again until it has dried, and be sure none of the cupboard surfaces are in full sunlight when you apply the paint.

Drying Time

You won’t have to wait long after painting your kitchen cupboards before you can use them again. Each coat should be given 2 to 4 hours to dry, and the finished cupboards a full 24 hours to dry before they’re ready.


  • Always keep the paint in its original tin with the lid firmly shut
  • Store out of direct sunlight in a dry place. A garage or shed is ideal.
  • If kept in the right conditions, the paint will last for at least 12 months from its manufacturing date.

The Graphenstone Guarantee

Graphenstone is no ordinary paint. Its exceptional environmental credentials and health benefits mark it out as truly a paint for now and for the future. No paint works harder to clean the air with breathe while making our homes look beautiful. Our range of products is already earning recognition worldwide, with the below just a few of the awards to be received:

GOLD level under the Cradle to Cradle Certified™
Global GreenTag Certified™
Recognised in the Sensitive Choice® programme.

Explore The Graphenstone Range

Our eco-friendly paint range has a solution for almost every paint surface, including wood, metal and masonry. We also offer non-toxic paint for interior and exterior application.

Many of our paints are available in our 72 house colours. And all carry the amazing anti-toxic, carbon dioxide absorbing properties that makes the Graphenstone range really stand out.


Please read any references to “low” or “zero VOCs” as “Trace VOCs, less than 1g per litre (or 0.1%), naturally occurring. We are in the process of updating this detail across the site.

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