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Graphenstone – the eco-friendly alternative to emulsion paint

Chances are that the emulsion paint you have been using for your home decorating or work construction projects is formed from an aqueous containing resins or plastic materials. This emulsion is also likely to use petroleum-based materials in its make-up.
The problem with this is that when such paints are applied and subsequently dry, they give off formaldehyde and what’s known as VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). These are known to be carcinogenic – so dangerous to your health. What’s more, even when these emulsion paints have dried, they are non-permeable, so can lead to the formation of condensation and , neither of which are desirable in the domestic or commercial settings in which the emulsions are used.

Graphenstone emulsion pains are different. Instead of being synthetic, they contain lime, a natural organic product, which means they offer you an eco-friendly emulsion paint that is:
● Trace VOCs only (under 0.1%)
● Formaldehyde-free
● Breathable
● High on the pH scale, so able to prevent fungus and formation


Grafclean Therm
Get optimal coverage with this premium quality emulsion paint

This ecological thermal insulation paint contains graphene and glass microspheres. It works by creating an air chamber which generates a thermal bridge rupture. The non-toxic emulsion paint helps to maintain a consistent ambient temperature in whatever room you use it, all year round and also avoids humidity through condensation. Its impressive reflective powers will contribute to energy savings in your home too and will help with the – of micro-organisms in the environment. In short, it’s a pretty amazing emulsion paint alternative that you really need to try. What’s more, mineral characteristics reduce sound reverberation in whichever room the paint is applied, ideal for quieter nights and relaxing days.


2 – 4 hours drying time between coats
24 total drying time
: White
Washable – making it ideal for those high footfall areas that are prone to soiling.
Class A+ Certificate – Trace VOCs only (under 0.1%).

Grafclean Eggshell
Ecological non-toxic emulsion paint made with revolutionary

GrafClean Eggshell Premium is an ecological, trace VOCs only (under 0.1%) emulsion paint featuring graphene technology. Ideal for decorating facades and interiors walls with a refined sheen finish, it is suitable for use in construction and repainting. This advanced emulsion will give your walls an amazing look and eco-benefits you just can’t get from standard emulsion paints.

● Takes just 2 to 4 hours between coats to dry
● 24 hours of drying time in total
● : white and others in the NCS 980 chart
● Available in pots of 0.75 l, 1 l, 4 l, 12.5 l, 15 l.


Ecological antibacterial emulsion paint with graphene

GrafClean is an ecological paint with a silver ion (Ag+) formula, which affords the emulsion antimicrobial properties, thereby preventing the development of:


These properties make the paint ideal for use during the decoration or redecoration of both facades and interiors of hospitals and clinics as well as homes.

● Each coat takes 2 to 4 hours
● Total dry time of 24 hours
● Available in white and according to the NCS 980
● Available in pots of 0.75 l, 1 l, 4 l, 12.5 l, 15 l.

Gr Ambient Pro+
Natural photocatalytic emulsion paint with graphene

AmbientPro+ Premium is a natural photocatalytic emulsion paint featuring revolutionary graphene technology. It works by decomposing organic compounds and inorganic gases through the impact of natural and artificial light on the nanoparticles in titanium oxide, which is a photocatalyst. The emulsion paint has proved to be a highly effective decontaminant of pollutants in towns and cities and is proven to reduce and eliminate all .

● Energy savings thanks to its reflective power and thermal
● Reduces sound reverberation thanks to its mineral characteristics
● Avoids condensation and reduces cold spots – scientifically proven
to regulate and distribute the temperature in spaces where it is
applied to walls
● Available in white matte
● Available in pots of 1 l, 4 l, 12.5 l, 15 l.


Ecological lime emulsion paint with graphene for interiors

Ecosphere is a matte finish natural mineral emulsion paint for interiors that designed for use in construction, restoration repainting projects.
Its formula is based on artisanal lime with graphene technology, which makes it both breathable and washable.

● Does not yellow
● Avoids condensation
● Absorbs CO 2
● Available in white matte or sheen
● Available in pots of 1 l, 4 l, 12.5 l, 15 l.


GCS Interior
Ecological emulsion paint with graphene

This is an interior paint with graphene technology, a matte finish and selected pigments for tough and long-lasting . Whether you use it during construction, restoration or repainting project, this eco-friendly emulsion guarantees the breathability of the building.


Why You Should Consider
An Emulsion Paint Alternative

For generations, painters, decorators others involved in the construction industry used traditional emulsion paints on interior walls. This paint gives off during the application and drying that dangerous to breathe in and therefore damaging to the health of those carrying out the work, as well as those who use the rooms while the emulsion is drying. Therefore, using these paints often requires decorated rooms to remain unoccupied until the fumes have reduced to a safe level.
But now there is an emulsion paint alternative. A paint that does not give off toxic fumes and actually absorbs harmful carbon dioxide in the air.


The Benefits Of Eco Graphenstone v Traditional Emulsion Paint

is a 100% natural and sustainable paint system made
from lime and minerals. Its many benefits include:
● Completely non-toxic
● Trace VOCs only (under 0.1%)
● No plastics
● No formaldehyde or petrochemicals

With emulsion paints, decorators can now choose a paint that allows you to breathe clean air on the job, significantly lowering risks to your health.

The high quality and impressive performance of these emulsions also lead to material and savings, bringing short and long term benefits to businesses.




Our range of emulsions are infused with pure carbon nanotechnology graphene – the strongest material known to science.

This makes the first-ever Class 1 strength natural paint in history. It is the only natural paint on the market today with the durability to rival acrylic trade paints.

Graphene also brings unique stretch and elasticity, helping improve coverage, creating the best value natural paint available.

Yet another advantage of paints is that they are completely non-toxic, so your brushes can be washed with water without using thinners.

Last, but not least, emulsion paints give off no , or poisonous fumes, so rooms in which these emulsions have been used can be occupied immediately.


is the most eco-friendly emulsion paint you can use, actively cleaning the air you breathe.

Because it’s formed from lime, it absorbs poisonous carbon dioxide in the air. In fact, every 15L pot absorbs a massive 4.8kg of CO₂, meaning three pots possesses the ability to absorb as much CO₂ as a 250kg tree in a year.

Lime is also highly alkaline with a pH of 12, so NOTHING can grow on it. No , no fungus, no bacteria. So the emulsion remains dark spot and free.


Standard acrylic paint is given to bubbling up and peeling away from walls. This is because when applied to walls it creates a plastic film which traps moisture. This moisture looks for a way to evaporate and this is what causes the bubbles and peeling.

Graphenstone emulsion paint is different. Because it is made to be breathable, any moisture passes through the paint and evaporates in the room, so there’s no peeling or bubbling.


Coat surfaces with emulsion, and you will never see cracks or flakes, making it ideal for all sorts of rooms and all kinds of conditions.


You’ve no doubt experienced chalky and watery designer paints that require coat after coat. That’s because these paints only contain about 20% solid content with the rest evaporating in a watery . Compare that to Graphenstone’s 70% solid content which gives you a richer, thicker finish and requires fewer coats.

Interior paint applications
Graphenstone emulsion paint has the power to transform how you decorate interiors across every room in the house. And there are benefits to be had for public areas too, thanks to the paint’s natural elements that purify the air we breathe.

Because Graphenstone emulsion paint gives off no poisonous fumes and is suitable for people with chemical intolerance, it’s recommended for use in all kinds of places outside of the home, including:
● Indoor enclosures
● Hospitals
● Nurseries
● Hotels
● Retirement homes

The health benefits resulting from the use of Graphenstone materials for
individuals living in eco-sustainable homes are:
● Improves indoor air quality
● Limits pathogens derived from sick building syndrome
● Prevents growth of , bacteria fungi
● Guarantees safe domestic environments
● Increases overall comfort and quality of life



Lounge & Living Areas

Improve the air quality in the areas in which you and your family spend the most time. Graphenstone emulsion draws unhealthy CO₂ out of the air, so time spent at home is time spent inhaling healthier air, thanks to the amazing powers of the paint. And the emulsion neither bubbles nor peels, you’re left with walls that look their best for longer.

2. Kitchens
Many acrylic paints can’t stand the heat in the kitchen, nor the regular surface cleaning and scrubbing that’s required to remove spillages and splashes. Standard paints also trap in moisture which leads to bubbling, whereas Graphenstone emulsion paints absorb that moisture and release it into the air, keeping your kitchen paintwork looking its best.
What’s more, the Graphenstone emulsion range is as tough and durable and washable as you need a kitchen paint to be.

3. Bedrooms
We spend a big percentage of our lives in bed, so it’s vital that the air we breathe in our bedrooms is of the highest quality. And painting bedroom walls with Graphenstone emulsion is a surefire way to improve the air quality so the air you breathe while you sleep is better for you. And because it’s a baby safe emulsion paint, it’s also ideal for decorating nurseries and children’s bedrooms.


Bathroom paints need to be damp proof, but sadly, most acrylic paints peel away or bubble up when faced with excessive or frequent dampness. When moisture gets behind the paint it tries to evaporate, pushing the paint away from the wall.

On the other hand, lime-based Graphenstone paint is made from porous materials, allowing moisture to pass through freely, ideal for damp environments like bathrooms, giving you a natural solution to that annoying peeling paint problem.


Surface preparation
When preparing to apply Graphenstone emulsion, the surface needs to be dry, firm and free from impurities which may prevent the paint from fully setting.

Be sure to thoroughly clean the surface of any algae, , fungus or other undesirables. Any salt deposits should be brushed away and Neutralysal Premium applied.

If the surface contains a high moisture level, apply StopWater Premium diluted 1:1 with water and paint 24 hours before its application.

If the substrate features scaling or blistering, it’s important to first remove areas that don’t adhere by scraping and brushing and then apply Filler F.


How to apply Graphenstone eco-friendly
emulsion paint alternatives

Apply 2 or 3 coats evenly in a V shape
Paint in sections, starting with the borders
Do not paint over areas that are drying
Always avoid overlapping
Applying too much Graphenstone emulsion can generate micro-cracks.


Storage of your Graphenstone emulsion paint
Always keep your paint in its original package, firmly shut and stored in a cool, dry place.

Avoid extremes of temperature including freezing and direct exposure to the sun.

This emulsion keeps for at least 12 months from the date of manufacture, and even though it may thicken, it will not lose its properties.


is backed by product health certificates, having obtained the GOLD level under the Cradle to Cradle Certified™ and Global GreenTag Certified™ .

It has also been in the Sensitive Choice® .


Please read any references to “low” or “zero VOCs” as “Trace VOCs, less than 1g per litre (or 0.1%), naturally occurring. We are in the process of updating this detail across the site.

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