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Eco friendly exterior paint

For paint to survive life in the great outdoors, it needs to be tough enough to handle the elements. Because even good weather can be bad news for exterior paint. Come rain or shine, wind or snow, your exterior paint has to be the most durable out there. Literally.

But durability is not the only consideration. Yes, the colour you choose gives you a big decision to make, and we’ll leave that one to you. But there’s another decision you need to make that will affect everyone, and that concerns the impact the exterior paint you choose will have on your health and the environment.

When you apply traditional exterior paints to a surface, as soon as you open the paint tin, you are going to be releasing invisible and damaging toxins into the atmosphere. While you’re applying the paint you’ll be doing the same thing. And indeed, many exterior paints continue releasing toxins for years after they’ve been applied.

Graphenstone exterior paint is different. Its key ingredient is lime, a naturally organic substance that means when you paint with it, it not only looks good and stays looking good on outside surfaces, thanks to its breathability and anti-mould and anti-fungal properties. It also doesn’t release damaging toxins into the air, having trace VOCs only (Volatile Organic Compounds) (under 0.1%).

What’s more, it actively absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere, so if you paint the entire exterior of your house with Graphenstone exterior paint, you can, in effect, give your house the power of a tree to clean the air.

The Trouble With Traditional Exterior Paints

When we talk about exterior paint, we’re talking about different paints for different exterior surfaces – brick walls, wooden doors and frames, metal fencing and railings, that kind of thing.

Up until now, you’ve had little choice but to use latex-based exterior paints, especially for walls and trim. They’ve been the recommended choice because the paint dries quickly and it shows the flexibility required to expand in the sun and heat and contract in the cold without cracking.

But these paints have always had a big problem, and it’s one you can probably tell as soon as you open the paint pot. The strong, toxic odours these paints give off are damaging to health and the environment. Many contain dangerous VOCs that are known to cause all kinds of health problems, including asthma attacks, other allergic reactions, and even cancer.

Exterior paints also cause added damage because their polluting contents are released into the environment, not just during painting, but for years after the paint has dried.

Plastic might be the current public enemy number one when it comes to environmental damage, but it won’t be long before traditional paints come under the spotlight.

There is, however, good news. Because there is an exterior paint that positively helps the environment, isn’t harmful to your health and contains the most durable element known to science.

The Graphenstone Exterior Paint Advantage

Not heard of graphene before? Leading scientists have and let’s just say they’re impressed. So much so, it’s regarded as the toughest known material. Ideal, then, for use in exterior paint, which is why it’s a key ingredient in the Graphenstone range.

Unsurprisingly, our paint has been graded Class 1 for Strength, the first natural paint ever to achieve that status. So, if you’re looking for all-weather, long-lasting exterior paint for your next construction, redecoration or renovation project, you need to be packing tins of Graphenstone in your van, garage or shed.

Flexible Exterior Paint

From scorching heat to freezing cold, exterior paint has to be flexible to react to extremes of temperature without cracking. And Graphenstone has the ingredients to be a weathershield paint. It’s flexible and elastic, so it can expand and contract depending on the temperature, without cracking or flaking. So when you paint the exterior of your house, it stays looking the way you want for longer.

The Breathability You Need

No paint has to put up with more moisture than exterior paint. Any outside surface can expect to get a soaking, but any paint that traps the moisture – like many traditional exterior paints do – is going to pay for it in the long run. Because moisture that has no way out causes paint to bubble and peel. Graphenstone is kind to moisture. It lets it flow freely, so there’s typically no unsightly peeling or bubbling.

Odour Free And Non-Toxic Exterior Paint

Those headaches that come from inhaling fumes from traditional exterior paint can be a thing of the past. You can throw away the face mask and be understood when you talk to your client or workmate during painting. Graphenstone exterior paints are non-toxic and odour-free. So you can apply them to exterior surfaces without fearing what damage they might be doing to your health or the environment.

Eco-Friendly Exterior Paint

With every brushstroke of Graphenstone exterior paint you apply, you’ll be improving the air quality of the environment around you. That’s because the lime in the pure lime ranges actively absorbs harmful CO2 from the air. Just three 15 litre pots of Graphenstone applied to your exterior surfaces will have approximately the same CO2 absorbing effect as a 250kg tree in the first year.

Stays Fungus-Free

There’s nothing worse than going to all the effort of painting an exterior, sometimes having to apply it in hard to reach places, only for the good-as-new effect to be spoiled by fungus, mould and other growth after a few years. But, because Graphenstone is rich in alkaline lime, and it has a pH of 12, no mould, no fungus, and no bacteria can grow on it, so there’s no need to be getting the ladder out and touching up those high-up bad-looking bits – there won’t be any.

Graphenstone Exterior Painting Product Range

Explore the products in the Graphenstone range that are ideal for exterior painting projects.

Biosphere & Biosphere Colour

Specially strengthened with graphene, this ecological mineral paint is ideal for brickwork, wood and masonry exteriors that require decorating. Available in white and our Soft Selection colour range,  its matte finish gives buildings a smart look, while the lime content ensures any exterior the paint is used on possesses the trademark breathability, durability, and sustainability of Graphenstone paint.

Ideal for use in construction, restoration and re-painting projects, Biosphere also absorbs CO2 at a rate of 4.8 Kg per 15 litres. It also avoids yellowing and is washable.

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GCS Exterior

Available in Pastel, Medium, and Transparent, GCS Exterior is a matte-finish ecological colour paint infused with graphene technology. Any surface to which it is applied – whether during a restoration, redecoration or construction project – is guaranteed to be breathable.

The pigments used are durable to ensure the surface it’s applied to benefits from long-lasting colour. The available colour range complies with the NCS 322 colour chart. This lime-based, Trace VOCs only (under 0.1%) paint also naturally avoids condensation and shows excellent flexibility to avoid cracking.

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Graf Clean

As the name suggests, this is eco-friendly emulsion paint with graphene that cannot be tainted by bacteria, fungus, protozoa or viruses, thanks to its unique silver ion (Ag+) formula that gives the paint antimicrobial properties.

It makes this an ideal paint for facades of all kinds of buildings in public and private locations, a fact reaffirmed by the paint’s ability to absorb CO2 from the atmosphere.

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Graf Clean Eggshell

Give facades and other exterior surfaces a beautifully resilient and refined sheen finish with this premium ecological exterior paint. A VOC-free emulsion that contains advanced graphene technology, the paint demonstrates the durability required for outside painting projects and delivers looks and environmental benefits the like of which no other emulsion can match.

Ambient Pro+

Welcome to a revolution in exterior paint. Ambient Pro+ is a naturally photocatalytic emulsion, infused with game-changing graphene technology to give the paint the power to decontaminate polluted environments.

Its power comes from the way it decomposes organic compounds through the impact of artificial and natural light on the particles present in titanium oxide – a photocatalyst. The result of this is reduced pollution in areas where the paint is used and the elimination of odours.

Other benefits include energy-saving and temperature regulation as a result of its reflective powers, and soundproofing thanks to its mineral content.

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Uses For Graphenstone Exterior Paint

Wooden Doors, Shutters, Door Frames
And Window Frames

Apply Graphenstone paint for a stunning finish that keeps moisture away from exterior wooden surfaces, and prevents rot and other unsightly conditions.

Brickwork & Other Masonry
Exterior paint used on bricks, stone or concrete must be breathable, just like Graphenstone paint. That’s because, given the constant exposure to outdoor elements, moisture will inevitably seep into the surface and needs to be released easily to prevent the formation of mould and mildew.

Metal Railings, Fencing & Garden Furniture
Exterior metal surfaces such as railings and fences that are painted with Graphenstone will protect more than just your property. They’ll help protect the environment too by drawing harmful CO2 out of the atmosphere.

Ground And Flooring
As well as standing up to extremes of weather, any exterior paint used on the ground needs to be able to handle frequent footfall and also prevent slips and falls. That requires a textured finish that allows walkers to grip to the surface even in the wet.

Preparing Exterior Surfaces For Painting

When preparing exterior surfaces for the application of Graphenstone non-toxic paint, ensure the area is both dry and free from any impurities which could compromise the quality of the paint application. Any algae should be removed from surfaces, along with fungal or mouldy areas.

If there is wood to be painted and this is showing signs of being moist, you should apply StopWater Premium diluted 1:1 with water.

Any exterior metal surfaces requiring painting should completely dirt, dust and grime-free, so thoroughly clean before attempting to paint. If the metal is showing signs of corrosion or oxidation, this will also require cleaning as well as the application of a passivating agent.

Applying And Drying Exterior Paint

No matter what surface you are looking to apply Graphenstone exterior paint to, it must be clean, clear of impurities, dry and firm. Failure to present an area in optimum condition will affect the paint’s ability to adhere to that surface.

When the surface is ready, paint should be applied in a V-shape beginning with the borders. At least two coats, but preferably three should be applied. Avoid painting over recently painted areas until they are dry. Each coat will need between 2 to 4 hours to dry, and at least 24 hours in total.

Paint Storage

While Graphenstone exterior paints are weatherproof once applied to exterior surfaces, while the paint is in the tin, certain protective steps need to be taken to keep the paint in optimal condition. Starting with leaving any unused paint in its original tin with the lid firmly shut. The container should be stored in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight or temperature extremities. Assuming these steps are followed, the paint will keep for at least 12 months after the manufacturing date stated on the container.

With Graphenstone You Get Guarantees

  • Class 1 Natural Paint Status
  • Absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere
  • Cradle to Cradle Certified – Gold level
  • Global Green Tag Certified
  • Recognition on the Sensitive Choice programme

Find The Right Graphenstone Paint For You

Our ecological paints aren’t just for exteriors. We also offer paints for interiors too, with the same CO2 absorbing powers to keep every room in your house or public place so much healthier than if you use traditional paints.

Take the lead, and shun the old damaging and dangerous paints in favour of new, eco-friendly, lime-based, non-toxic paints from Graphenstone.


Please read any references to “low” or “zero VOCs” as “Trace VOCs, less than 1g per litre (or 0.1%), naturally occurring. We are in the process of updating this detail across the site.

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