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The Problem With Traditional Metal Paints

Your nose will tell you that traditional paints used for covering metal surfaces aren’t healthy. And if your nose doesn’t, the headaches you could get after applying such paint will. The strong, chemical odours these paints give off don’t do your family’s health any good and certainly aren’t benefiting the environment.

That’s because they contain VOCs – volatile organic compounds which are chemicals that are known to adversely affect humans and nature. VOCs are released into the air when you apply traditional paint to metal. While much of the dangerous content disappears when the paint dries and the odour reduces, not all harmful chemicals disappear. That means your metal surfaces  could be giving off harmful VOCs for years after you’ve painted them.

About Graphenstone Eco-Friendly Metal Paint

Welcome to the ultimate range of ecological paint products. Paints made with natural elements such as lime that, instead of polluting the air like traditional paints do, purify it. Seriously. They actually absorb CO2 from the environment in the same way trees do. It’s why Graphenstone paints are recommended for both exterior and interior use and are suitable for people with chemical intolerances.

Our metal paint ranges are also recommended for use in public places such as hospitals and hotels because they are both safe to use and beneficial to the environment, a unique double bonus that’s causing people to reassess their opinion of paint. They are also idea for use in children’s rooms and nurseries as they will ensure no harmful fumes are inhaled.

Whether you are painting metal railings outside a property, or metal items inside it, using eco-friendly metal paint is essential to ensure no harm is done to the environment, the people who will be using the areas you paint, and of course, yourself or whoever is carrying out the metal painting work.

There are many health benefits to be had from using Graphenstone to paint metal surfaces. These include:

  • Improvementto the air quality indoors
  • Limits the pathogens from sick building syndrome
  • Nomould, fungal or bacteria can grow on this eco-friendly paint for metal
  • Safer domestic environments, especially for babies and young children
  • More comfort
  • Better quality of life


The Benefits Of Graphenstone Metal Paints
vs Traditional Metal Paints

TRACE VOCs ONLY (under 0.1%)
These paints can be safely applied in all kinds of situations and locations.


Assuming all surfaces are prepared correctly, Graphenstone products will successfully adhere to the metal you want to paint. Use a primer if necessary.

The breathability of eco-friendly metal paint avoids the blistering and bubbling that can result from the use of traditional metal paint products. With traditional paints, moisture gets trapped causing the bubbling and blistering problems. But because Graphenstone paints are breathable, the moisture is released and therefore bubbling and blistering do not occur.

Chalking occurs when the passing of time causes the erosion of the paint, which turns into a chalky layer that’s loose and powdery. This will not occur with eco-friendly paint.

When applied in the correct way and in the right amount, Graphenstone eco-friendly metal paint does not crack, flake or fall off, thanks to its flexible and adhesive qualities.

The extra durability of eco-friendly metal paint alternatives mean they retain their colour for longer, even with exposure to all kinds of weather conditions such as sun, wind and rain.

The lime content in these eco-friendly metal paint alternatives prevent any mould, fungus or bacteria from growing on its surface, so there’s no spoiling the appearance of the area you’ve painted.

More Advantages Of Using Eco-Friendly Paint On Metal

All graphenstone paints feature carbon nanotechnology graphene – and  science has yet to discover a material that is stronger. This makes our paints the first ever Class 1 paints in history and gives them unmatched durability, handy when painting metallic objects in exposed locations.

Lose the headaches that can follow using traditional paints for metal. Our ecological paints are completely non-toxic and do not give off the strong odours you’d associate with traditional paints. So rooms and other areas that have been painted using our eco-friendly paint can be safely occupied, and do not have to be left vacant with the windows wide open like you would if you used traditional paint on metal.

This is undoubtedly one of the most amazing claims a pot of paint has ever been able to make. It’s been proven that a 15 litre pot of our eco-friendly paint can absorb 4.8kg of CO2 from the atmosphere. So just 3 pots can do the job of a 250kg tree when it comes to annual rates of CO2 absorption. Impressive.

Standard paint for metal can be subject to mould, bacterial or fungal growth over time. But the alkaline-rich lime in Graphenstone paint prevents this from happening, so surfaces stay looking good and remain blemish free.

Key Eco-Friendly Metal Paints In The Graphenstone Range

This acts as an adherence bridge for paint, helping mineral-based paint stick to metallic surfaces. Ideal for indoor and outdoor usage, it also acts as an antioxidant on metal substances, freeing them from corrosion and oxidation.

Benefits Of Four 2 Four Eco Friendly Metal Paint

  • Excellent adherence bridge
  • Anti-oxidation effect
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Dries quickly – each layer takes up to 30-60 minutes to dry and a total of 6-8 hours
  • Suitable for interiors and exteriors
  • Extra resistance thanks to graphene content

This is an ecological paint featuring graphene that has a semi-gloss finish and is ideal for use when decorating metal surfaces inside and outside of the home.


  • Outstanding washability
  • Breathable, so avoids blistering and bubbling
  • High adherence
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Excellent flexibility so will not crack
  • Available in white and the colours on the NCS980 chart

Choosing The Right Paint For Metal
Different kinds of metal call for different kinds of metal paint, and a bespoke approach to covering surfaces. For example, ferrous metals (those which tend to rust over time) need to have any loose rust removed and the surface primed before any eco-friendly paint is applied. Galvanised metal surfaces (those which won’t rust) need to have their oily coating carefully and thoroughly washed off before painting can begin, otherwise the new coat will not stick.

Metal surfaces that are exposed to the elements and general wear and tear – such as iron patio furnishings or metallic gates – are particularly suited to the use of eco-friendly metal paint because of the non-harmful impact the paint will have on the surrounding environment, and because of the durability and anti-mould forming properties of the paint.

Preparing Surfaces For Eco-Friendly Metal Paint
All substrate must be dry and firm and well-adhered before any paint is applied. It should also be free from impurities which may compromise the paint’s ability to adhere to the chosen surface area.

All metal surfaces should be free from dust, grease, dirt or any other forms of grime, and it’s recommended that a thorough clean of the surface to be painted takes place first.

Metal surfaces with evidence of corrosion or oxidation should also be cleaned and a passivating agent applied.

Applying Eco-Friendly Metal Paint
When using Graphenstone eco-friendly products to paint onto metal surfaces or act as an adherence, Graphenstone metal paints should be applied with 1 or 2 coats, depending on the absorption rate of the surface and the situation in which the metal is in (exterior or interior). Adhesion can be improved by softly sanding the area before applying the paint.

If the treated area remains uncovered for a week or more, it’s a good idea to softly sandpaper the surface to enhance the adhesion of the top coat of paint.

  • Do not apply to surfaces that are in constant contact with liquids, especially water
  • If rain is forecast, let the metallic surface dry for 24 hours before applying the paint
  • Do not mix eco-friendly metal paint with other products, as this risks compromising or negating the environmental benefits of the product
  • Do not apply the paint to areas that are still drying
  • Always paint in sections starting with borders
  • Use a roller to spread the paint correctly and evenly
  • Avoid overlapping with areas that have just been painted

Storing Eco-Friendly Metal Paint
Always keep your Graphenstone paint product in its original packaging with the lid closed. Store the pot in a cool and dry place which is protected from extremes of temperature such as direct sunlight or freezing temperatures. If left unopened, the paint can be expected to last for at least 12 months following the date of manufacture stated on the packaging.




Please read any references to “low” or “zero VOCs” as “Trace VOCs, less than 1g per litre (or 0.1%), naturally occurring. We are in the process of updating this detail across the site.

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