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How The World might look in 2040

London Mayor Sadiq Khan proposed the challenge — how does London become a designated National Park City. WATG, London-based landscape team, headed by Demet Karaoglu, accepted the challenge.


Perhaps the Mayor should consider incorporating Graphenstone’s CO2 absorbing, lime based paints, for the exterior of all painted buildings. Sequestering around 5Kg per 15 litre pot, this could make a significant contribution to the netreduction of carbon emissions in the Capital!

The team worked with Daniel Raven-Ellison, Guerrilla Geographer and Creative Explorer leading London’s campaign, in order to become the world’s first National Park City.


‘Green Block’ is the modular concept WATG has proposed to fuel their exploration of how to transform cities toward a greener future. The highly adaptable, 100% recyclable ‘Green Block’ is a living building material impregnated with native wild flower seeds. The unit is maintenance free with its integrated irrigation reservoir and climate specific seeds.


“WATG’s inspiration was to think about London in the future when there are less cars on the road and fewer car lanes. This idea claws back space from the roads and returns it to the people of London. As Landscape Architects, we’ve been incredibly inspired by Mayor Khan’s commitment to the environment in the Capital’’, comment from John Goldwyn, Vice President of Planning and Landscape for WATG.


How The World might look in 2040 (image courtesy WATG)

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