Natural eco paints

Natural eco paints

Paints for the green generation

Paint with peace of mind that your health, and the health of the environment, is protected.

Graphenstone offers interior and exterior eco-friendly paints, comprised of entirely natural ingredients that purify the air indoors, absorb CO2 and rival regular paint brands to look every bit as stunning as one should expect from their paints.

Graphenstone paints are VOC-free (volatile organic compounds), toxin-free, plastic-free, preservative-free and harm free. All products are vegan, breathable and made even more durable, thanks to the addition of graphene, a natural ingredient with extreme strength.

Environmentally friendly

Suitable for use at home, in hospitals, nurseries, retirement homes, hotels and any other rooms or exteriors where fragile immune systems must be treated with care, or conscious consumers want to protect their health and the health of the environment.

Not only are Graphenstone environmentally-friendly paints free of harmful chemicals, but they also bring additional health benefits. As an air-purifying paint, Graphenstone improves the air quality indoors, limiting pathogens, preventing mould growth, fungi growth and other harmful bacteria that can grow in poor air environments.

Graphenstone keeps your environment safe for a better quality of life.

Natural eco paints - where to find out more

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The Graphene Company, the exclusive UK distributor of the Graphenstone range of paints and materials, are now using high-tech machinery at the new facility to automate tinting and mixing of the ultra-sustainable mineral based paints system.


John Thorogood, Head of Sales, explains how Graphenstone is different to other paints