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The Eden Project Chooses Graphenstone UK As Preferred Paint Supplier

Graphenstone UK chosen as preferred paint supplier for the Eden Project

October 2022: Graphenstone UK has secured a new supply deal with the Eden Project, one of the UK’s leading educational charities, eco-park and visitor attraction. The collaboration has evolved as a result of both companies’ shared visions and ethos over the environmental impact materials can have. Under the terms of the new retail deal, Graphenstone UK will be their official ‘preferred paint supplier’.

Patrick Folkes, Founder of Graphenstone UK, says: “We are thrilled to be on this exciting journey with the Eden Project, which I view as one of the true wonders of the world. We have worked hard to become one of the world’s most certified sustainable paints companies, and our mission is to ultimately change how people think about and use paint.

Families at the Eden Project

“In addition to providing our products, we have also struck a deal which will give Graphenstone UK permission to use Eden as a trial location for testing carbon levels in the atmosphere. With such huge demand in the UK for products that offer tangible and material health benefits, we are excited to explore the data that will be produced as a direct result of the trials. Graphenstone UK and the Eden project will work together to reduce the ‘Eden impact’ on the environment by introducing our paint solutions across their various sites.

Thanks to a combination of the oldest, most trusted minerals like lime and silicate, which work hand in hand with our 21st-century Graphene technology, our high-quality and meaningful formulations are the perfect partner for Eden, a true beacon of ecological and sustainable excellence. We are excited about this partnership as we continue to pursue our goal of providing unequivocal proof that our products do actively contribute to healthier environments.”

Couples at the Eden Project

The majority of Graphenstone UK’s formulations comply with Building Standards such as BREEAM, WELL & LEED and hold one of the widest ranges of respected and recognised harm-free certifications on the market, such as Cradle to Cradle Gold, Global Green Tag, and their newest certification, the Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold mark. These independent certifications ensure the complete confidence of their client base thanks to the most rigorous, holistic and independent analysis of their products.

Graphenstone UK is based in Norfolk. Visit our website.

For further information please contact: Byrne Communications:  

[email protected] 07795 805 937 or [email protected] 07711 515904

About Graphenstone:

Graphenstone meets the Cradle to Cradle Gold Standard, which provides consumers, regulators and industry peers with a clear, visible, and tangible validation of the manufacturer’s ongoing commitment to sustainability. Products are made from natural elements rather than chemicals, and packaging is derived from 100% recycled materials, which are fully recyclable too.

Graphenstone paints contain Graphene – the strongest material now known to science. It was discovered in 2005 by two Nobel Prize winners at Manchester University. It is a highly inert, innocuous, nontoxic pure carbon. Graphene’s inclusion in paints, coatings and other building materials enhances hardness, durability, compression, tensile strength, elasticity, and coverage. It reduces the weight of materials and delivers significant savings in materials consumption, maintenance, manpower and costs. Products are made from natural elements rather than plastics, acrylics and chemicals. Graphenstone lime coatings absorb 5.5Kg of CO2 per 15 litres from the local environment where it’s applied (the majority in the first 30 days of curing). The porous nature of Graphenstone’s lime and graphene-infused coatings ensures that walls can breathe. This improves air quality and reduces humidity and condensation. Microorganisms and microbial growth of bacteria and mould are deterred from rooms where Graphenstone paints are applied due to the high alkaline pH of the lime and the paints’ ventilating properties. Indoor odours, as well as biological and chemical pollutants, are diffused, and allergens are reduced. The low odour and non-harmful characteristics of Graphenstone paint allows rooms to be occupied within a few hours of application. Clients include Facebook and Ashmolean, Oxford. Graphenstone UK is based in Norfolk.

Patrick Folkes

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