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Paul Dosanjh, Richard Parr Associates. Photographer Credit: Barley Nimmo

Sustainability in Focus: Paul Dosanjh’s Insights

In this month’s blog, we had the privilege of speaking with Paul Dosanjh, Senior Architect at Richard Parr Associates, a prominent architectural firm renowned for its innovative and environmentally conscious designs. We delved into the reasons behind their choice to collaborate with Graphenstone Paints and explored how this partnership aligns with their overarching architectural philosophy. In this conversation, we gain valuable insights into the unique advantages of Graphenstone paints and their impact on sustainable architecture.

What in your view profiles Graphenstone as a genuinely eco-friendly paint and not another ‘greenwash’ paint brand? 

We have specified Graphenstone products for our projects due to its commitment to sustainability at every stage of production, from sourcing raw materials to employing a carbon-neutral manufacturing process. Independent certification further validates its eco-friendly credentials, ensuring we and our clients can trust its environmental impact.

Designers are obviously concerned about the quality and cost to their clients – how do we fare in these areas?

Quality and cost are paramount concerns for our clients. Graphenstone excels in both areas. The high-quality performance of Graphenstone paints makes it a go-to product in the eco-building materials sector. The durability of the product proves cost-effective in the long term.

How important is embodied carbon to your clients these days and is paint an area you’ve considered on this issue?

Embodied carbon is fast becoming an important consideration for our clients. Paint is often overlooked by architects; however, it can significantly impact a building’s carbon footprint. By specifying Graphenstone paint and its low embodied energy associated with its manufacture and in-use performance, we can contribute to reducing a project’s overall environmental impact.

In what ways does using Graphenstone paint help contribute towards a building’s sustainability credentials?

The natural composition and breathability of Graphenstone paint help contribute to the sustainability credentials of our projects. We’ve had the pleasure of incorporating your paints into the adaptive reuse of our own London studio; People’s Space. Housed in the People’s Hall, the existing Victorian building was susceptible to moisture and damp. The paint’s breathability and resistance to mould have enhanced the longevity and health span of our studio and have given the building a new lease on life.

People’s Space. Photographer credit: Gilbert McCarragher
People’s Space. Photographer credit: Gilbert McCarragher

Is indoor Air Quality a growing feature of importance to your clients?

Indoor air quality is a fundamental aspect of designing successful spaces. We frequently welcome clients into our studio and the products we have chosen showcase our design values. The choice of Graphenstone paints underscores our commitment to creating safe and healthy indoor spaces. The lime paints actively purify the air within the space and not only prevent mould growth and bacteria but also absorb CO2 during the curing process, making a significant contribution to improving air quality and overall well-being.

Can you tell us about some interesting case studies where Graphenstone has been used?

People’s Space showcases the paint’s versatility and durability in a collaborative, busy environment. Its colour range allows us to match our company branding and maintain a focus on sustainability.

People’s Space. Photographer credit: Gilbert McCarragher
People’s Space. Photographer credit: Gilbert McCarragher

Do you notice an increased level of interest in sustainable materials from your customers?

With our clients, we have noticed an increased desire to be responsible at all levels. They seek products that align with their sustainability values without compromising on quality.

What colour palette do you typically revert to?

Although we don’t have a ‘house style’ and design projects in line with our client’s briefs and preferences, our London studio, People’s Space, leans towards natural and earthy tones. The colour palette creates a relaxed and calm atmosphere infused with elements borrowed from our projects.

How often do you change the colour of your walls at home?

We moved into our London Studio three years ago and are yet to re-paint the walls. The colour palette has been selected to remain relevant through evolving trends. We believe in specifying materials that will last. The paints tend not to crack or flake thanks to their strength and flexibility.  We hope the studio will be durable for years to come.

Does working with a certified clean-tech brand like Graphenstone give you an edge of any kind when securing customer business?

Working with a certified sustainable brand like Graphenstone undoubtedly enhances our credibility when securing new clients. It demonstrates our commitment to sustainable design and assures clients that we carry through on our environmental ambitions from the beginning of projects through to completion.

Graphenstone Paints – thinking beyond colour

We have long been a pioneer in the realm of eco-friendly and sustainable construction materials. Known for our commitment to creating products that not only enhance the aesthetics of architectural projects but also contribute to a more environmentally responsible future, Graphenstone Paints has gained recognition and respect among architects, builders, and designers worldwide.

For further help and advice please email the office at [email protected] or contact one of your local stockists – visit our Stockists & Distributors page to find the stockist nearest to you.


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