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Toy Safe – what does that mean?

What does all this mean for paints? Well, for ‘harm-free’ Graphenstone paints, it assures customers that there are no chemicals, off-gasses or risk of any kind to people, especially vulnerable children, when applied to walls or ceilings. It also confirms that our paints are safe to use on furniture, wood, toys or any other surface or material application.


Graphenstone’s ranges of Ecosphere Premium and Grafclean Premium offer Toy Safe Certification. The tests were conducted in the accredited laboratory ‘AIJU – Association of Research for the Toy and Related Industries’ and the regulation focuses on the chemical conditions that allow the different agents involved in the commercialisation of toys to comply with the obligations of the community directive on toy safety (2009/48/EC).


The EN71-3:2019 standard tests for certain elements found within toy coatings, to make sure it will not harm a child if they put the toy in their mouth, or release anything harmful into the atmosphere. It therefore assures customers there are no harmful toxins or chemicals and means our paints are safe to use in babies’ and children’s rooms as well as on toys and furniture.


Peace of mind for parents, and clean and safe for children.

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